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At The Atelier with Bibi Hayat

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At The Atelier with Bibi Hayat

With our 'At The Atelier with' series, our favourite style connoisseurs take us behind-the-scenes of their jewellery collection, their passion for discovering jewels and why they love Majorel Atelier.

Meet Bibi Hayat

First and Last Name: Bibi Hayat
Occupation: Decorator, designer & entrepreneur 

Your Favourite Piece of Jewellery: I have two favourites…. 
A very vintage chain bracelet with assorted charms collected throughout my childhood. It was a tradition to buy a charm with my mother on each summer holiday and add to it. 
Another favourite is a small bracelet with three tiny diamonds on it.  Gifted to me after I created the third event for a family of brides, I consider each diamond one of the brides and it keeps me grounded, humble and priveleged to have worked three times with one family. It means I have been doing something right! Special clients mean a lot to me; I feel we connect and become friends. I’m sharing a special time in their lives and for us to have had a special experience and wonderful event and to then also receive a gift, that’s the ultimate dream. 


Your Favourite Jewellery Memory: A beautiful pair of diamond earrings gifted by my aunt for my wedding. A gorgeous diamond flower. 


Your Definition of Jewellery: It’s a beautiful way to express personality. I like all kinds of jewelry from simple accessories, bohemian charms to fine jewelry. I have no preferences. I love what I love - pieces speak to me and I enjoy wearing them. On my arm can be a diamond tennis bracelet and a 1 Euro charm bracelet to some good energy crystals to a handmade friendship bracelet from my niece. 


Your Favourite Jewellery Use: It changes so much. It also depends on the outfit - I love big eclectic and chunky necklaces. They can be worn both on plain t shirts spicing up my everyday look and for special events. My jewelry is not stored away for a special occasion. Everyday is a blessing and I love to celebrate every day that I am in health on this planet.