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At The Atelier with Jessica Bouni

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At The Atelier with Jessica Bouni

With our 'At The Atelier with' series, our favourite style connoisseurs take us behind-the-scenes of their jewellery collection, their passion for discovering jewels and why they love Majorel Atelier.


Meet Jessica Bouni

First and Last Name: Jessica Bounni 

Occupation: Fashion Editor at Marie Claire Arabia.

Your Favourite Jewellery: Minimalist or chunky, rings are always a thing for me!

Your Favourite Jewellery Memory: Passing down or picking out keepsake and heirloom jewelry is an art that my mother and grandmother master so well. The vintage rings I have from them will definitely keep not only the family alive, but the style I inherited from them!

Your Favourite Jewellery Use: No jewelry collection is complete without at least one pair of hoop earrings. I like to wear three pairs all together on a daily basis and I match them with minimal stacked earrings. On more formal occasions, I usually opt for big statement earrings, mismatched pairs or single sided trends.


Your Favourite Majorel Atelier Piece: Octogone Black Gold Ring, Trio Ring and the Earcuffs.



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