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Second skin jewelry in 18ct gold

The perfect piece of jewelry is one you never want to take it off.
Majorel Atelier designs luxurious fine jewelry that become a part of your life forever.
Classic styles are updated with contemporary sensibility, each piece of hand-crafted gold jewelry finished with a modern silhouette.

Timeless jewelry filled with meaning

We believe the most precious jewelry has meaning, which is why Majorel Atelier tells the story of your life and loves.
Our distinctive designs allow you to build a jewelry collection true to your individual style. Choose the letters that honor the people you love, and accent your look with sleek, polished gold.
Delicate yet striking, our jewelry strikes a careful balance between understated luxury and conversation-starting design.

Celebrating family, celebrating craft

Our brand name speaks of what matters most; beauty, family and craft.
Majorel is our homage to the designer’s Moroccan mother and her love for the Majorelle Gardens of Marrakesh. These incredible botanical gardens are synonymous with art and fashion.
Each one of our pieces is handmade in Kuwait by master craftspeople, using 18ct Gold set with hand-sourced gemstones and diamonds.
We use the French word atelier – the workshop or studio of an artist – to reflect the high standard of artistry and craftsmanship you’ll find in our jewelry.


While pregnant, Linda Darahim dreamed of a piece of gold jewelry to honor her new daughter. The piece she designed birthed the brand’s signature Cocoon collection; Arabic lettering imbued with contemporary flair.

Born and raised in Paris, Linda enjoyed a long career in PR, Buying and Business for the luxury sector. Armed with an eye for design and the experience to bring her vision to life, Linda launched Majorel Atelier in March of 2019.
Drawing influence from minimalist design and architecture, Linda offers a fresh take on fine jewelry. Linda is inspired by people, and how we celebrate the individuals and memories we treasure most. The result is sophisticated gold jewelry both modern and meaningful.