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At The Atelier with Reema Motib

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At The Atelier with Reema Motib

With our 'At The Atelier with' series, our favourite style connoisseurs take us behind-the-scenes of their jewellery collection, their passion for all things shiny and why they love Majorel Atelier. 

Meet Reema Motib

First and Last Name: Reema Motib

Occupation: Founder of The Annex (previously known as Lamb & Lu) Co-Founder of Welded. 

The Jewellery In Your Picture: An Azlee ring from our store.

Favourite Piece of Jewellery: I have a gold band from one of our designers Alice Wease, it’s a favorite of mine right now because it’s so bold and such a conversation piece.

Your Favourite Jewellery Memory: I think any piece I received as a gift is just really special. I always really value the pieces I’m gifted from my parents. 

Your Definition of Jewellery: Solidifying milestones in one’s life. 

Your Jewellery Use: I’m pretty minimal day to day, I actually don’t wear much jewelry for someone who works in a jewelry company. I have stuff I never take off, and I have stuff I can’t take off (like the welded bracelets). For occasions I go all out though, more is more.

Your Majorel Atelier Piece: The letter charms, I have two hooked on my pendant. 



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